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Affordable Activity: Sunday Fun-day for families and teens.

Every Sunday we have specials for families and teens. Take advantage of our family discounts and our discounts for teen birthday parties.
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Sunday Fun-day for families and teens

Maniax is a great activity and is easy to organize. 

The atmosphere, the ambiance and the competition will be undeniable. 

Whatever the occasion may be, axe throwing promises to be a unique and unwinding activity that will leave you with great memories.  

Come celebrate a birthday with friends and family! Why not cut your cake with an axe?

No matter your age, axe throwing is a fun and rewarding activity. 

Family celebrations at Maniax are in high demand and are often reserved weeks in advance. 

Thanks to our Sunday Family Package, you can take advantage of our lowered rates for parents and teens. 

SUNDAY DEAL from 12 to 5pm
(10 years old and up )
(2 adults maximum)

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