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Who said axe throwing was just for friends and family?
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Axe throwing: exceptional corporate and team building events

Visit Maniax to celebrate your next Christmas party, team building activity or any corporate event!

Blow off steam, let loose after a stressful week at the office or captivate your audience with a corporate presentation with our one-of-a-kind experience.


Develop team spirit

At our facilities, you and your colleagues will have an unforgettable experience! After competing in an axe throwing tournament, you’ll find that camaraderie can develop outside of a professional setting.

Without a doubt, this activity will strengthen the bonds between employees and improve team spirit within your company.

In fact, we challenge you to find a better team building activity!


Strengthen partnerships

For corporate events or business meetings, book our projection room.

Having a business session side by side with an axe throwing tournament will be a welcome change for your company’s guests.

This activity will allow them to unwind and amplify their creativity: a perfect combination of work and pleasure!

For an optimal axe throwing experience, you will need a two-hour session. One hour is not enough!

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Our Special event package (2.5 - 3 hours)

Our "Event" package is the ideal option for any business with 8 or more employees. You will be accompanied by a charismatic and dynamic host for the duration of the session. The host will commentate on your performances and will animate the evening like a real competition. Your score will also be calculated by a Maniax employee so you only need to focus on the axe throwing fun.


Don’t hesitate to show off when it’s your turn to throw!


You will also be entitled to the official Maniax photoshoot, which you can share for your website’s internal communications or on your company’s official social media.

No matter which package you choose, you can bring or order food and drinks to satisfy any little cravings that inevitably occur. A refrigerator will be at your disposal if needed.

You will have an entire three hours to make your team outing a real success! Enjoy participating in, without exaggeration, the best corporate event in the province!

Face your boss, your employees or your colleagues in axe throwing without fear: what happens at Maniax stays at Maniax! In the eyes of the referees, all players are equal and differ only in their precision and determination. It's up to you to prove yourself and become the official axe throwing champion of the office!

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Activity format (1h30 - 2 hours)

Coaching et Instruction

From the beginning you will learn how to throw an axe. Your group will be accompanied by a MANIAX coach. Our instructors will provide detailed and monitored instructions for the first part of the activity, while people familiarize themselves with the technique.

Practice your skills

The training period is an important moment for your group, before the competition.

Different techniques and different axes

Ask our staff to teach you different techniques or try different axes.

Competition and Tournament

Depending on the package times you have chosen, compete in a single or double elimination tournament with all members of your group.

Special Event Package (2h30 - 3 hours)


A tournament lasts between one and two hours (depending on the size of your group), so keeping track of the score can be a tricky and exhausting task. Maniax’s animator/coach will take care of all the logistics of your tournament: organization, scoring and arbitration.

Professional animator with microphone. 

The animator/coach is essential for every group event. Armed with their trusty microphone, he/she will keep your event lively and your group entertained and organized. With its own personal sport commentator, every group is sure to have a custom experience.

Souvenir Picture

Whatever reason brought you to Maniax, a souvenir of your time here is always appreciated. This is why you can trust on your animator/coach to immortalize your group in their most fierce pose to commemorate your axe throwing session.

Special event package video

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