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Looking to be a part of a fun, energetic and supportive group of individuals?

No experience necessary!

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Play individually or in teams!

About a social club league season

Register at any time

Join our social club any week, come play for 4 consecutive weeks from the date of your choice. Very low monthly price, only $ 70, WITHOUT ENGAGEMENT!

Practice, training and competition

Practice session, tips and tricks, learn the right technique with an axe. In competition you will love to play with other members of Maniax's social group!

Single or in a team

During the regular season, play single or in a team game before moving to the final tournament of the fourth week. (Official rules of the ATLQ)

Duration of the activity

The day of your choice you during 3 hours of time, learn the art of axe throwing and play games under the supervision of Maniax coaches and the official ATLQ game rules.

Where and when

Choose the branch of your choice (Montreal - Laval - Dorval). Sunday between 17h and 19h30 or Monday to Wednesday from 19h to 21h30. Every day we open the doors 30 minutes in advance.

Monthly Tournament

Every month in the fourth week, we organize with the members of the social club a single or double tournament and the winner (s) will be crowned with the trophy of the league.

Subscription rates

Access once a week

The basic membership of the social axe throwing league of Maniax is only $ 70. Come relax your stress by having fun for 3 hours a week for 4 weeks in a row.

Access twice a week

If you want to come twice a week or visit 2 different location during your 4 weeks, the price is $ 100!

Access 3 times a week

For those who want to be flexible in their schedules, come up to three times a week in up to three different location for only $120.
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  • Very low price.

  • Friendly and family atmosphere.

  • Exclusive discounts at Maniax

  • Training and development of the throw.

  • Learn how to throw your axes correctly.

  • Practice with pros: improvement guaranteed!

  • Compete with each other by following the rules of the Official ATLQ matchs.


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