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House rules

Meals and snacks, respect for the staff, safety and security ... Here are some rules to keep in mind for maintaining a good atmosphere at Maniax!
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Mutual respect: zero tolerance

Be courteous to other participants, otherwise we will ask you to leave the premises.

Follow the instructions of your trainers at all times, or they will ask you to leave the premises.

Respect yourself, respect your instructors and respect the activity at all times.

Respect your reservation schedule to avoid disturbing the natural progress of activities. For groups, please notify us as soon as possible when there is a change in the number of participants.

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Security rules

Wear closed shoes that provide good ankle support. We recommend sports shoes or shoes made of leather. Open or light-weight shoes are prohibited. High-heeled shoes are also not recommended.


If you do not follow this rule, you will be denied access to the activity.


  • It is forbidden to throw any object other than the axes provided by the Maniax center.
  • Do not hinder other participants during their axe throwing turn.
  • Axes can only be handled in the throwing area and not elsewhere.

Meals and snacks

  • You can bring food and drinks without issue. Our facilities are equipped with several counters. Refrigerators are available upon request when booking.
  • Glass bottles are prohibited.
  • Respect the premises at your disposal: clean up after yourself, throw away any waste and remember to remove any food items from the refrigerator when leaving..

  • These rules don’t exist to frustrate you: they allow the Maniax centres to maintain the healthy atmosphere that contributes to their charm and success. By respecting them, you help make the customer experience unique and memorable.

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Consult our FAQ or contact us so we can answer all your questions as soon as possible!