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Axe throwing: the perfect birthday activity

Impress your friends by organizing an axe throwing birthday event to celebrate! Why not use your birthday as an excuse to cut a cake with a genuine Maniax axe?!
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Bored by birthday parties that look the same every year and desperately looking for an original idea to celebrate this special occasion? 

Come celebrate a friend, colleague or family member at one of our target practice centers in Montreal or Laval. 

 The entire Maniax team is waiting for you!

Choose your method

Learn the techniques of axe throwing, practice on wood targets with different types of axes. 

No matter your chosen method, rest assured that this original activity will leave an unforgettable impression on you and your loved ones.

Perfect for letting off steam while having tons of fun, this birthday activity will delight all your friends! 

Why miss out on the chance to cut your cake with a Big Axe?

For an optimal axe throwing experience, you will need a two-hour session. One hour is not enough!

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