maniax axe throwing


Why not cut a cake with an axe at Maniax?

Impress your friends by organizing an axe throwing event!
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Come celebrate anyone’s birthday; your friend, partner, colleague, or even a family member! 

No matter the occasion, you can be sure that this unique activity, stress-relieving and adrenaline packed, will always be a positive souvenir for your memory bank!

Throwing axes is very fun and it remains one of the most original activities; you will probably be one of the first in your entourage to think of it, and soon enough, all your friends will start planning their birthdays at Maniax! 

Axe throwing it's a activity, easy to organize. 

No matter your age, all these reasons are good reasons to come throw axes! 

The atmosphere, the atmosphere and the competition are at the rendezvous.

Example of a finale at a Maniax event

Maniax Montreal Maniax Axe Throwing

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