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An unforgettable bachelor or bachelorette party activity

Is D-Day fast approaching? Can you hear the bells ringing already?  The end hasn’t arrived yet. You still have time to throw a bachelor or bachelorette party for the history books!

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Maniax is the ultimate bachelor or bachelorette party activity

As a groomsman or bridesmaid, why not organize an axe throwing session for your friend before their wedding? 

You will surely be applauded for finding the most original way to commemorate the bachelor or bachelorette and soon-to-be husband or wife. 

Entertainment and festivities will be in the spotlight! 

This is perhaps your loved one’s last moment of absolute freedom before the big day. 

Moreover, weddings can be particularly stressful for lovers. You therefore have a duty and responsibility to make this moment memorable and take the stress off your soon-to-be-married friend before their big celebration. 

We’re here to help you in this arduous task! 

Axe throwing is a bachelor or bachelorette party activity often featured in the media as a must-have experience. 

Customers having tried it always leave smiling from ear to ear. Give it a shot!

Personalize your bachelor or bacheloretteparty activity

Enjoy an unbridled bachelor or bachelorette party in the Maniaxtarget practice centres. Let loose as you please! Anything is possible.

Come dressed in a costume and equip yourself with all kinds of accessories. We’re making an appeal to your imagination. The atmosphere will be amplified tenfold! Whether they choose classics like the lumberjack or the princess, or something more eccentric like a mascot, pirate or animal costume, our guests never fail to surprise us! 

Bring food, cakes or tasty treats for foodies and little cravings you might have. You can even have meals delivered to our doorif you like! An incredible evening is at your fingertips! You will no doubt be proclaimed groomsman or bridesmaid of the year.

For an optimal axe throwing experience, you will need a two-hour session. One hour is not enough!

Reserve your activity today!

Enjoy a liberating moment and an excellent activity for lovers or friends! For a bachelor or bachelorette party you will always remember, visit Maniax in Montreal or Laval. Contact ustoday to find out more about the axe throwing experience or to book your evening.

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