Axes used for axe throwing

Discover the different axes used for axe throwing in our Montreal, Laval and Dorval centers!

ninja cross mini tomahawk

The axes of the LLHQ (The Ninja Cross and the Mini Tomahawk)

They are throw at a distance of 11 feet from the target, they are smooth and they are easy to master, thanks to 3 sharpened heads these axes are three times easier than tha official.

Small axe

Small axes: an easier throw
Because nobody had satisfaction with these small axes. We replace them with the LLHQ axes.

Made entirely of steel, these axes weigh 1.25 pounds and measure 12 inches. They start at a very close distance to the target (around 11 feet). Offering a lower impact strength, they are recommended for customers seeking to diversify their arsenal or to have more control when throwing axes. For comparison, this axe would be our 22 caliber: easy to master, but without an adrenaline rush.

The Maniax axe

The Maniax : become a true hunter!

The Maniax is made entirely of steel. It has a length of 12 inches and a weight of 1 pound. It can launch at different distances from the target, with its semi-circular blade giving you a much higher chance to stick in the wood than any other axe. Despite its relatively low weight, make no mistake: this axe compensates with its high velocity and offers a satisfying impact force. An essential tool in the Maniax Zombie Hunter's arsenal, the last thing the victims of this axe will hear will be the deadly whistle it produces before reaching its target. Choose it for a unique throwing axe experience!


The official axe of the Axe Throwing League

This customer favorite axe offers a perfect balance between impact force and control! It has a wooden handle, weighs 1.5 pounds and measures 14 inches. It starts at an average distance from the target (around 14 feet). This axe is also used in official tournaments and our Axe Throwing League competitions. The handle is made of pure walnut and ensures a good life expectancy. This axe is the middle ground between stability and power. For comparison, it handles like a revolver: powerful enough to amaze thrill seekers but accessible to everyone.


The Tomahawk!

This axe has a genuine ash wood handle, weighs 1 lb and is 20 inches long. Light and easy to control, it should not be taken lightly because of all the lever effect you get from its long handle. This axe requires a bit more technique, but it shall reward you with incomparable control over its trajectory.

Hybrid Axe

The Hybride!

This axe is entirely made of steel, weighs about 2.5 lbs and is 16 inches long. It is your first step towards “big caliber” of our arsenal. The shock reduction handle produce a dreadful whistle when it is set loose, just before you hear the deafening sound of the blade hitting the target. Regular Throwing Distance : More or less 14 feet from the target.

Double bit axe

The double-edged axe: switch up your arsenal!

This axe also has the feature of being made entirely of steel. It weighs in at 1.5 pounds and measures 16 inches. Thanks to its double edge, it allows for a wide variety of distances: from 12 to 22 feet, depending on your abilities and your physical strength. This distinctive axe is used as a complementary tool for all customers accustomed to throwing axes and wanting to vary their arsenal. It would be our .44 caliber: more difficult to master but offering a great impact force and a unique experience in return.

Big axe

The big axe: only for the most daring!

This axe has a long wooden handle, weighs 2.5 pounds and measures 3 feet. It starts at a distance of 16 feet from the target. While it requires a certain level of physical strength and is launched with both hands, its force of impact is the most terrifying. This axe is to throwing what the 12 caliber is to shooting: ravaging everything in its path, it can split a board in only a few blows! You can be confident that your effort will be greatly rewarded. This axe is the bazooka of throwing axes: capable of destroying everything in its path!