Axes used for axe throwing

Discover the different axes used for axe throwing in our Montreal, Laval and Dorval centers!

Small axe These axes are made entirely of steel, weighs 1.25 pounds and measures 12 inches. It starts at a very close distance from the target less 11 feet away. Offering a soft impact strength, it is particularly attractive to customers. For comparison, this cut is our .22 calibre: easy to master, but without adrenaline. It's like throwing a hammer.

The Maniax axe This axe is entirely made of steel, weight 3 pound and is 14 inches long. It can be thrown from almost any distance since its almost circular blade guarantee you more chances than any other axe to stick into the target. Even if it is a heavier axes you can try, it goes at a very high velocity, allowing for a satisfying impact force. It is an essential tool for every aspiring Maniax style: the last thing its victims will hear would be the deadly whistle of its blade before the impact.

Official Axe of the League The handle is genuine hickory, making it quite durable. Weight: 1.5 lbs. Height: 14” Regular Throwing Distance : More or less 14 feet from the target. This axe is the sweet spot between power and stability. A great way to start! This is also the axe used for tournaments and any type of competition. Being slightly bigger than the Baby axe, this one feels more like firing a revolver: packing some punch, it still remains accessible to all.

tomahawk This axe has a genuine ash wood handle, weighs 1 lb and is 20 inches long. Light and easy to control, it should not be taken lightly because of all the lever effect you get from its long handle. This axe requires a bit more technique, but it shall reward you with incomparable control over its trajectory.

Hybrid Axe This axe is entirely made of steel, weighs about 2.5 lbs and is 16 inches long. It is your first step towards “big caliber” of our arsenal. The shock reduction handle produce a dreadful whistle when it is set loose, just before you hear the deafening sound of the blade hitting the target. Regular Throwing Distance : More or less 14 feet from the target.

Double bit axe This axe is entirely made of steel, weighs about 1.5 lbs and is 16 inches long. This axe can be thrown from multiple distances due to its two sharp blades, producing different results according to your throw and your physical strength. This one-of-a-kind axe is a great alternative to the standard axe. Know that we here at Maniax do not condone violence, however, when it comes to axe throwing, nothing feels more like throwing an actual weapon than this beauty. Vikings are crazy about it!

Big axe This axe is the 12 gauge shotgun of our arsenal. It certainly requires more strength than the three others, but the effort is greatly rewarded! This beauty packs a tremendous amount of punch and is capable of splitting and entire plank in just a few hits!