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Choose your package, book your session and immerse yourself in an unparalleled indoor activity!

For an optimal axe throwing experience, you will need a two-hour session. One hour is not enough!

Find the best package for you

At Maniax, we are committed to offering you the best indoor activity in the Montreal area. For the best experience possible, we offer different packages ranging from simple target practice introduction to elimination tournaments.

Find the one that fits your axe throwing prowess!

Maniax 1-hour (Basic)

Our BASIC one-hour package lets you discover the joys of this unique activity! Test up to six different axes with the help of a professional instructor to learn the basics of the sport. End your target practice session by participating in a simple tournament.

Reserve your 1 hour BASIC package at 25$ per person taxes included and start practicing your throw!

Maniax 1.5 to 2 hours (VIP)

Our VIP package is the favored choice among Maniax throwers! It allows you to test up to seven different axes and gives you the opportunity to test yourself with our giant 3-foot axe! Will you be able to tame the beast?

With the support of a qualified instructor, you will perfect your throw and participate in a double tournament to measure yourself against other axe throwers.

Reserve your VIP package at 40$ per person taxes included and start practicing your throw! 

Maniax event package: 2.5 to 3 hours  (Event)

Discover our Event package specially designed for groups with a minimum of 12 players. Participate in doubles tournaments combining competition and good humor under the leading supervision of an experienced instructor!

Try over ten types of axes and test yourself with the big three-foot axe! Fun and an adrenaline rush guaranteed.

Register your group for our event package now at 50$ per person taxes included and book your next activity!

Format of the Basic (Package 1)

Coaching et Instruction

From the beginning you will learn how to throw an axe. Your group will be accompanied by a MANIAX coach. Our instructors will provide detailed and monitored instructions for the first part of the activity, while people familiarize themselves with the technique.

Practice your skills

The training period is an important moment. Hit the center of the target as many times as possible. The coach will observe your position and your throws, offering advice for improvement. You can therefore benefit from personalized support and follow-up to become an axe throwing expert!

Different techniques and different axes

Ask our staff to teach you different techniques or try different axes.

Competition and Tournament (Package 2 & 3)

Depending on the package times you have chosen, compete in a single or double elimination tournament with all members of your group.

Privileges for the Event package (2h30 - 3h)


A tournament lasts between one and two hours (depending on the size of your group), so keeping track of the score can be a tricky and exhausting task. Maniax’s animator/coach will take care of all the logistics of your tournament: organization, scoring and arbitration.

Professional animator with microphone. 

The animator/coach is essential for every group event. Armed with their trusty microphone, he/she will keep your event lively and your group entertained and organized. With its own personal sport commentator, every group is sure to have a custom experience.

Souvenir Picture

Whatever reason brought you to Maniax, a souvenir of your time here is always appreciated. This is why you can trust on your animator/coach to immortalize your group in their most fierce pose to commemorate your axe throwing session.

Sample of a Maniax event

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