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Try the Maniax 3D Video Experience!

Maniax is the only axe throwing centre equipped with a 3D video room and giant target wall.

Maniax 3D Experience



Maniax 3D - audio/video experience 

After being the axe throwing front runner in Quebec, we decided to go even further by opening a axe throwing room with 3D video.

Cinema Maniax 3D

Our centre Montreal and Dorval is equipped with a cinema that can project three-dimensional images, giving you the unique experience of throwing axes at animated targets. Three-dimensional environments and characters make the activity as immersive as possible.


With full visual and auditory immersion, there is no doubt your excitement will hit its peak!

Requirement of Maniax 3D 

To get the most out of 3D video, you must first know the basics of target practice. A minimum of one hour of axe thrwoing experience is required before taking advantage of the 3D experience, since no training will be given in this room.

Price of the 3D Experience

The cost of the 3D package is $50 per person for 90 minutes of axe throwing which includes 60 minutes of training and 30 minutes in the 3D room.


Contact us to discover a unique 3D experience

Invite your friends or family and enjoy an interactive axe throwing experience like never seen before. Play the game, create your character and compete to see who hits the target most.


After this experience, you will be ready to take on the apocalypse and survive the end of the world, so what are you waiting for?


Have any questions about the 3D axe throwing experience or want to book a session? Contact us now!

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