maniax 3d experience

Maniax 3D Video Experience

Maniax Montreal is the first axe throwing center equipped with a 3D video room with giant target wall.

Maniax 3D Experience



Exclusively at Maniax Montreal

After being the forerunner in Quebec, Maniax is determined to get back in shape! All this goes to say that in addition to the traditional target wood, Maniax now offers you the chance to test your skills on virtual targets; A world first!

As the title had you guess, Maniax 3D has pushed immersion to the limit! This means that you will be throwing axes ina 3D setting with 3D characters. The excitement will be at it’s peak, there is no doubt about it!

Prerequisites and Price

A one-hour axe throwing experience is mandatory on regular targets before the 3D experience, no training technique and practice will be given in this room.

The price is $50 + taxes per person , for the one hour practice of axe throwing activity including the additionnal 30 minutes of 3D video. The total duration of activity its 1h30m

In the 3D room you will have an intense and unique experience a surround sound system.

Pics of the 3D axe throwing experience at Maniax